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Our Founder

Our founder Justin Spring started in roofing many years ago in 1992 as a yard boy after finding an interest in the industry, after asking the company that he worked for at the time, if he could go up on the roof and have a go.
Justin attended the CITB college in Kent and began a 2 year block release course travelling down and staying in digs and coming home weekends. After 2 years Justin passed as a roofer and obtained his level 2 NVQ diploma which can be seen on the JMS roofing website and on the Facebook page.
Justin's journey into being a qualified roofer began with a many different types of roof's with varying levels of difficulty which is shown in the photos on this website and on our FB page which will demonstrate some of the many types of jobs we have tackled over time.
We have the required experience to provide a complete and professional service. Justin has had over 22 years in the trade and JMS roofing Services will always guarantee a high standard of quality work.

Mission Statement

Jms Roofing Services are based in Cambridge and provide a great local service.
For the time the company have been running there have been many projects completed in cambridge, many of these pictures can be seen on the websites newsfeed with locations.
Jms roofing Services are always willing to travel and have recently took there skills to places like Kettering and London.
If your local and need assurance on your roof, and are not sure who to ask why not call your local roofing business for a free Quote.
For an honest and professional opinion call us on 01223 242065 or 07722427801.

JMS is a new roofing company which provides small and big works, Domestic and commercial.
We pride ourselves in giving our customers a quality of roof work that we and they will be happy with and that is built to last.
We repair old roofs also if we can to help customers with costs, but if the roof needs renewing, we will give our honest opinion. JMS roofing was formed this year and with our hard work and quality workmanship, we hope to be trading for many years to come.

Many Thanks

Justin spring, Director of JMS roofing Services.

Our Achievements and Awards

Keeping quality high and customers happy is a prime ethos of JMS Roofing, being up to date in the industry by keeping skill-sets up to date, this for example includes specialist training in: Applied Waterproof Membranes - built up Bituminous Roofing Systems.

We are derbigum qualified and also specialize in bauder systems.

Justin spring was also awarded an 3rd place award in the European Roofing Awards supported by a major roofing magazine in 2006 by completing an derbigum certified job at Radio House, Chesterton, Cambridge.